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About Us 




A WEDDING brings together two worlds in celebration of a marriage that brings together two lives. As you go trough that journey of togetherness, it's important to keep looking back to where you started from. Your wedding day is one of those milestones that you will not forget; one that you would not get tired of reliving.




THE WORLD is a small place and there are no boundaries to love, so we have travelled to countries like Sweden , Austria, USA, India, Norway and Spain. Wherever you may be, we'd love to tell your story. 




With a wedding cinematographer who has fine-turned her artful storytelling at the New York Film Academy and an international team, we will give you the feeling you want to hold on to for the rest of your life. That's where D'silva Films comes in. We capure those special moments and all of the wonderful emotions to tell the story of where it all began.




So get in touch with us. Yours is a story worth telling. We will remind you why for the rest of your life.

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